I have been working hard on personalized applique pillow cases.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I have been working hard on personalized applique pillow cases.

My bed needed a new quilt for the winter. I wanted something colorful.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My bed needed a new quilt for the winter. I wanted something colorful. I had visited a blog from Spoonful of imagination
Erica had a post from January 2013 on a DIY king size rag quilt. So this is where I got my inspiration from.

The FABRIC, some I had, some I had purchased. I bought only fabrics that were on sale. I picked different patterns and colors. Once I had all my fabrics about 15 yards I couldn’t wait to get started.

I did the same thing as Erica and used two of my old king size quilts for the stuffing and the back fabric. (Great tip)

I started cutting my fabric into 12 x 12 squares using a transparent ruler. I knew I needed 110 squares (10 squares down) and (11 squares across).
Then I did the same with my two old quilts cutting 110 12x12 squares.

Next, I sewed my decorative fabric right on top of my old quilt.  
I literally took one cut square of my new fabric and one old quilt square and laid them on top of one another.  I then sewed from corner to corner to join them together and create an “x” across the two pieces in order to make them one.  

I wanted the squares to look random. So I started laying my square fabrics onto my table. I laid 11 squares across. Then the second row and the third.
My table would only hold so many rows so as I started moving down I would lift the first row and stack them in order, then pinned a piece of paper on top of the stack labeled 1st row then move the squares up start another row and so on.

Once I had my 10 stacks of 11 squares I started sewing them together to make strips. Note:  Lay the two backside fabrics on top of each other to sew the squares together.  You sew directly onto the pretty side of the fabric.  This is backwards from most quilts.  By doing this the front layers will be out and have the “rag” fringe showing out front. I trimmed the rag fringe with pinking shears.
Then start sewing your 10 strips together to make the quilt (it gets very heavy)

Now that all the stacks are sewn together to form the quilt. Time to sew on the edging,
I cut 3” width wide strips the length varied because I was using my scrap material. I sewed them together then ironed them see photo below

Then I used a clipboard to wrap my edging around it until I was ready to use it.

I sewed my edging strips onto the quilt.   

I also took Erica’s advice on personalizing your quilt to know which way it lays….I added a special touch to the corner of this quilt that should be up by my husband’s head, to make that process of making the bed easier from now on.

I love my quilt, and I am so proud of it, thank you Erica from Spoonful of Imagination!

·         Two King size quilts (for stuffing material and back material)
·         My squares are 12″x12″
·         My quilt is 10 squares down and 11 squares across in its rows
·         About 15 yards of fabric.  
·         Although I bought 15 yards, I had a lot of scraps!   My edging is 3″ by whatever length.  They aren’t the same length all the way around.  The important part is the three inches, so the width is the same folded around your quilt’s edge.  When they were folded in half and ironed to form a flap, that flap was 1.5″ wide.
·         LOTS of thread
·         Transparent ruler
·         Cutting Shears
·         Rotary Cutter
·         Iron and ironing board
·         Cutting mat
·         Pinking shears
I hope this information is helpful for you to start your own quilt!  If you make a rag quilt, I would LOVE to see a picture!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Our Dining Room

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our dining room

Coffee Station

Georgia on my mind!

I used my spare bedroom as a walk in closet

Friday, July 31, 2015

I used my spare bedroom as a walk in closet. 
I kind of set it up like a boutique.

My clothes are much easier to find and layout for the next day.

Do you have a first aid medicine cabinet in your home?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do you have a first aid medicine cabinet in your home?

My bathroom cabinet was way too small so I purchased a locker from Ikea they have several options to choose from. 
The white storage baskets came from Target

Below are pictures of my medicine cabinet 

1.       First Aid Manual *You can print basic tips online, fold them up and place in kit The American Red Cross has a 12 page 'First Aid/CPR/AED printable online*
2.       Advil and/or Tylenol
3.       Sterile gauze pads and rolls of gauze for wrapping
4.       Adhesive tape
5.       Adhesive bandages in various sizes
6.       Cotton swabs for applying ointment or cleaning small wounds
7.       Small pair of scissors
8.       Elastic bandage (ACE bandage for example)
9.       Tweezers
10.    Thermometer
11.    Safety pins for making a temporary sling
12.    Latex or thin plastic medical gloves
13.    Peroxide for cleaning wounds
14.    Antiseptic liquid or ointment
15.    Saline eye drops
16.    Anti-diarrhea medication and/or Pepto-Bismol tablets for upset stomach
17.    Small bottle of hand sanitizer
18.    Nail clippers
19.    A couple of Ziploc bags in both small and large size
20.    A travel size bottle of sunscreen and a travel size bottle of aloe 'after-burn' ointment
21.    Hydrocortisone cream for minor inflammatory skin conditions
22.    Benadryl or other antihistamine tablets or cream to relieve itching

If you don't have these items at home, you may want to pick up two sets, one for a first aid kit to keep at home in an easily accessibly location that is still up and away from small children, and another for your car. Also, if you don't already have one, now may be a good time to get an emergency roadside kit. You can get an AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit for a great price on Amazon. 

Make sure your babysitter knows where your medicine cabinet is located and has a key.